Welcome to IMISK Group.


Our Values

All of our values are based on integrity, reliability and innovation. We believe in living our values every day. They are not simply a philosophy; they are accompanied by specific objectives and strict measurements. Performance: We acknowledge the fact that part of our business encounters hazards and risks that have to be mitigated. We are committed to excellence and a focus on integrity. We learn from our experience and improve every day. Safety: We value people and the environment. Our commitment is to improve the safety of our employees and the communities where we operate, recognizing the fragility of the environment and striving to protect it better. Teamwork: We recognize the value of every individual and, believe that as a team we can deliver better and faster. We can build a strong team through respect, training and open dialogue. We value our Imisk team who we consider the imisk family and are proud to have second and third generation team members in our family. The diversity of our team who are from 37 different nationalities is one of the basis of our success. Integrity: We believe in honesty and transparency in business. We strive every-day to develop trust and long-term relationships. Innovation: We are committed to innovation by investing in modern equipment, systems, training, development, and evaluating the outcome of our operations.