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Our Activities

Renewable Energy & Agriculture

Dinamik, a part of the Imisk Group, has invested and is undertaking projects in power generation comprising a 6 MGW Hydroelectric Power Plant Project in the Alanya, South Region of Turkey and in geothermal power concessions, whereby Dinamik plans to invest in geothermal power plants as well as direct use geothermal headed greenhouses and drying facilities for FF&V in the Manisa Region of Turkey.

Hydroelectric Power Plant

Dinamik HEPP, which is located in Alanya Region of Antalya, started to operate in 2016 and has a 49 year concession right. The facility has a capacity of 6,144 MW and has an annual production capacity of 13-15 GW.

The facility, which uses two Francis and one Pelton generators, produced by Geppert in Austria, is top-notch when it comes to construction and equipment quality.









Geothermal & Greenhouse

Dinamik Energy has concession rights in Manisa’s districts of Salihli on a total area of ​​7550 hectares.

It is planned to generate 19 MW of electricity and establish a geothermally heated technological greenhouse and a geothermally heated drying facility of 50 decares in the licensed regions.